Hocking is to possess a crisp

Her vocal timbre is as captivating as is the subject matter of her songs. There is a slight nod of the head to one of her contemporaries, Johnny Flynn, in terms of style, and also with the plain and flat delivery of the lines that suits these suites so well. The reference to Americana comes with the sound, fortunate as Hocking is to possess a crisp and unashamedly brand new looking Gretsch (guitarists look on with jealousy and admiration).When the band are all together the feel is very much reminiscent of Flynn’s ‘Hong Kong Cemetery,’ or an understated Timber Timbre that is exciting and powerful and almost Vaudevillian in its melodramatic impact. In addition, it is pleasing to see Hocking go solo, sauntering wistfully and credibly through her folk blues numbers with ease and style, despite a tendency for the crowd (and noticeably band members) to wayward slightly in their thoughts. speed dating 香港

Nevertheless, the crowd, although made to look slightly meagre by the spaciousness of the gallery, are easily drawn back in, helped on their way by some complimentary and warming violin, most memorably on the song dedicated to stalking and being stalked (we’ll take your word for it Miss Hocking!). Demos are soon to be recorded plus more gigs, which will iron out the looseness of the act, which given that it is only their third gig is not entirely unforgivable.What will follow from Laura Hocking and The Long Goodbye as they become more self assured as a group will certainly be exciting and is sure to be a hit with genuine music lovers. And as others that were drinking in the stables after the performance can vouch if she fails as an artist Laura Hocking will surely be able to carve out some success as a pole dancer! One to watch out for sure.


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